LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — After George Floyd died last year, Jontel Toland was one of those who marched in Lancaster.

“I felt like there was no other option but to go outside and express my frustration,” Toland said. “I think that was a shared feeling with many other people.”

Toland is now anxious to see what will happen in Lancaster when a verdict for Derek Chauvin is read.

“I think however it pans out people will then share how they feel about it,” Toland said. “I think once that happens then we’ll see how the feeling and mood of the energy of the city will be.”

Cities across the country are bracing for the possibility of and unrest following the trail.

Lancaster saw some tense clashes between protestors and police twice last summer. The first time happened after Floyd’s death and then clashes happened against following the shooting of Ricardo Munoz.

Pastor Roland Forbes from Ebenezer Baptist Church, and a member of the Community Police Working Group, said he thinks people will hit the streets regardless of what the verdict is.

“People will have their opinion and they want their opinion to be heard,” Forbes said. “We can always have opinions, but it seems seldom that we sit down after something like this and just try to talk it out.”

Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace told abc27 News that as of Monday afternoon extra police have not been put on standby.

Sorace said she supports peaceful protests and says the city will respond if necessary.

“Nobody can predict the future or what the results of the trial will be,” Sorace said. “I know from a public safety perspective it’s our job to be ready for anything.”