LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Friday was Lancaster County’s biggest day of giving. It’s called ExtraGive, and this was the 11th year of the campaign. It started at midnight, and the final total at the end of the day was $10,186,612 raised.

Here are some of the organizations that were collecting donations on Nov. 18, 2022.

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

More than 450 local organizations are taking part in this year’s ExtraGive, one of which supports not just the Lancaster area, but the Midstate and beyond.

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is committed to ending hunger in 27 counties across Central Pennsylvania. It works with more than 1,300 local agencies and programs to help more than 152,000 people in need each month through two healthy food hubs.

In Lancaster County alone, the food bank partners with more than 100 different organizations. Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Communications and Marketing Director Jennifer Sands said receiving donations during ExtraGive means helping even more people.

“We’re all feeling the pinch of inflation, and certainly those people who are already facing hunger are feeling it even more as they make hard choices between buying their groceries and paying for other critical expenses, so the donations raised for us through ExtraGive really help us be able to provide more food,” Sands said.

Sands continued, “Donations received through ExtraGive today are going to provide healthy, nutritious meals to people throughout Lancaster County and even beyond through the holiday season.”

Sands said the food bank’s goal for this year’s ExtraGive event is $200,000.

Columbia Animal Shelter

The organizations participating in Lancaster’s ExtraGive don’t just have a mission to help mankind — some are seeking donations to look out for our furry friends.

The Columbia Animal Shelter on S. 10th Street in Columbia is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of at-risk companion animals, and it also provides quality health care and adoption services, as well.

Executive Director Tammy Loughlin-Jalbert has been with the Columbia Animal Shelter from concept to fruition and says ExtraGive will help the organization expand.

“It’s one of our great opportunities to bring the community together, unite everybody, and also to showcase some animals here, like this one,” Loughlin-Jalbert said as a cat tried to climb up her shoulder.

“The donations we will use from the ExtraGive for our new opening for our low-cost wellness clinic. We’re doing minor sick visits, they come in, they have an ear infection, they need their nails trimmed — minor things, some things that might take them weeks or months to get into their local veterinarian to do. So we will be offering and expanding our clinic starting Dec. 1,” Loughlin-Jalbert continued.

Loughlin-Jalbert said there are about 70 cats currently residing at the shelter, and if you’re looking for a new feline companion, you’re invited to visit the shelter and meet some new friends.

United Way of Lancaster County

United Way of Lancaster County has many initiatives in place to help members of the local community, and on Friday, it’s hoping for your help through ExtraGive.

“The Extraordinary Give has been this program for over 10 years raising millions of dollars for all sorts of organizations in one day. It’s a really exciting time,” said Kevin Ressler, president and CEO of United Way of Lancaster County.

United Way of Lancaster County runs the 211 contact center, connecting to 600 nonprofits in Lancaster County and helping community members find the resources they need.

The organization is also gearing up for its Volunteer Income Tax Assitance, or VITA, program, Ressler said. It provides free tax preparation assistance for any family with a household income of $60,000 a year or less. Last year, the organization did 8,500 tax returns, saving $2.6 million in tax preparation fees, Ressler said.

“[Donations received through ExtraGive] go to our base programs like VITA, like 211,” Ressler said. “When they select United Way, they’re going to be continuing to support those organizations year-round through programs like VITA and 211.”