MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Scammers are finding new ways to steal your money. One Lancaster County couple is telling their story so others don’t fall victim.

The scam happened Aug. 11 when Marty Durham got a Cash App request from someone named Terry, who she thought was her husband, so she sent $250 while he was at the grocery store.

“When Terry came home from the grocery store later that evening around six or seven, I said to Terry, ‘Hey what did you need $250 for?’ He stated to me ‘I never sent you a request. I didn’t need any money,'” Marty Durham said.

That’s when she noticed it wasn’t his username and sent an email to Cash App for support. The response “stated that there wasn’t anything they could do about it. All I could do was request a refund from that person,” Marty Durham said.

Her request was denied so Terry Googled a customer support number and called.

“And he said no problem. We’re going to get your refund back,” Terry Durham said. “That’s when he told me, he said, ‘Go in your app store, download the app called Quick Support.’ He said, ‘Once you download Quick Support it will give me access so that I can be able to see that you did make the transaction.'”

The problem is Cash App says there are no phone numbers you can call. The scammers sent Marty $99 and promised the rest after she gave them a code.

“When they put in the code, that’s when they started to take money out of our account,” Terry said.

Now the couple with a newborn baby isn’t down just $250 dollars, scammers took $4,387.

“I’m upset. I’m angry and I say America protect yourself. Watch out for scammers and watch out for corporations who don’t offer you any assistance,” Marty said.

Always double check usernames before sending money and don’t give out any security codes.

“Please do your research because that’s where I feel like I failed. I didn’t research enough about Cash App to know that they don’t even have a number to reach them,” Terry said.

Manheim Township police are investigating and the Durhams also have an open claim with Cash App.

They did reach out to their bank but the claim was denied because they said it looked like normal activity.