LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Lancaster County held a special board of elections meeting Wednesday afternoon to vote on a solution to help with mail-in ballot problems for the upcoming General Election.

It’s something Lancaster hasn’t done in the past.

It’s not known the exact number of people who filled their mail-in ballots out incorrectly due to incorrect instructions.

However, a large number of ballots were sent out with the wrong details.

“Approximately 24,000,” John Trescot, the chairman of the board of elections for the county said.

Last week, the League of Women Voters wasn’t pleased with the issues of the ballots. They think this change is a good start, but more could still be done.

“We would like to see this curing which means fix your vote to be expanded not just for this narrow piece,” Mary Grill, a member of the League said.

Curing was voted down in a vote by the county commissioners according to Trescot.

State law doesn’t make it so all counties have to have the same-looking mail-in ballots, leading to more problems for individual counties.

Grill doesn’t think the county should blame the state, though.

“Until the state makes their changes we have to make it correct here,” she said.