MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A Lancaster County man has been charged in the US Capitol insurrection.

Michael J. Lopatic, Sr. is accused of assaulting police officers, civil disorder, and other charges related to entering and staying on Capitol grounds.

Court documents filed in connection to a Federal Court appearance said Lopatic was in Washington D.C. in early January to “fight.”

Authorities said the Manheim Township resident stormed the Capitol, attacking one police officer, punching him repeatedly.

Court documents also allege that Lopatic took another officer’s body camera destroying “a crucial piece of evidence.”

Jeff Howell who lives on Haskell Drive with Lopatic said he saw the FBI arrest his neighbor.

“(There were) Tahoes and police cars,” Howell told abc27 News. “You saw the guys with the jackets and the FBI.”

Authorities said Lopatic’s Facebook page indicated his willingness to engage in violence.

In posts about hunting, Lopatic would name birds he shot and killed after prominent members of the Democratic Party.

In court paperwork authorities also highlighted a post Lopatic made on Jan. 1. The post said, “Assemble on the capital (sic) January 6th, 2021. United we stand, go forth and we fight.”

“With his front yard and what not you could see what political side of the fence he leaned on,” Howell said. “He wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings.”

Other neighbors, who didn’t want to appear on camera, said they weren’t surprised by Lopatic’s accused actions.

Howell said it is only surprising the man accused of the crimes lives across the street.

“You see things on tv and you’re like wow it could happen, but when it’s across the street it’s a little shocking,” he said.

Lopatic is currently in prison pending trial.