LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — It’s a program that helps students learn through music and technology.

“I think it is even more impactful when music is involved instead of just talking at them or teaching them just with words, I think it just makes even deeper of a connection to them,” said Holly Serio, Artist for BrightNow.

Kindergarten and third-grade students from PA Steam Academy and Burrowes Elementary School learned about computer science through songs and videos.

“It’s magical the integration of technology into the classroom is awesome because a lot of people are intimidated by technology but to see our student’s kindergarteners through 3rd grade embrace the technology and create such a beautiful project brings a lot of joy to me,” said Shannon Hawkins, a third-grade teacher at PA Steam Academy.

Each student learned how to create a video and song about topics related to computer science and a lot more.

“In the process of doing this, they’ve also learned how to open emails download images copy and paste images into programs and then in addition all the coding and how to do code for the colors and for the motions that were going on so it’s really just made them feel confident and empowered to use their computers,” said Eileen Baker, Kindergarten Teacher, PA Steam Academy.

BrightNow is a program where educators, musicians, and artists create tools to make learning easier.

“Bridging the gap between the different subjects to see how they all can connect together is the focus of BrightNow,” said Serio.

Today’s program was an example of that– and a showcase for a new way of learning.

“As a teacher, we often get mixed up in just scores and test grades but to be hands-on and learn something alongside the students I’m unfamiliar with puts me in a position again. It also made it relatable and allowed them to see that mistakes are OK and that with technology we can fix those mistakes,” said Hawkins.