LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – The Bureau of Police in Lancaster announced Thursday that K9 Zoltan’s B-cell lymphoma has returned after a brief remission.

In May the bureau announced that K9 Zoltan had completed his chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer in January. He had remained active with the department while undergoing treatment through Pet Emergency Treatment and Specialties.

K9 Zoltan will now undergo another 19-week cancer treatment journey and will continue his patrol duties.

“Continuing to work is not only beneficial for his well-being but also helps maintain his routine and keeps him engaged in what he loves most,” said the bureau.

According to NC State University Veterinary Hospital, B-cell Lymphoma is more common than other forms of lymphoma and is more responsive to treatment. Dogs with B-cell Lymphoma “usually survive longer” than those diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma, however individual cases can vary.

The hospital says chemotherapy is “well-tolerated” in dogs and that the median survival rate of dogs with B-cell Lymphoma is 12 months.