LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — According to Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace there is an average of 600 to 750 crashes in Lancaster every year.

“One of the campaign priorities that I had, and has become a strategic priority, is safe streets,” Sorace said.

Earlier this year, the city announced they would take on the lofty task of eliminating traffic-related deaths and serious injuries within 10 years by taking part in Vision Zero — an international effort that looks to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities as well as serious injuries.

Now, the city has a plan together for their part in Vision Zero that Sorace is asking for feedback on. “There are a series of recommendations that are being proposed.”

Some of the proposals under the Vision Zero plan suggest improving sidewalks and upgrading crosswalks.

“There are low, medium, and high levels of costs involved,” Sorace said. “We want to hear from residents where they have the most concerns, the intersections that are the most dangerous. Obviously, we have data but the experience of people being on the streets, walking, driving, and riding their bike is really important.”

Sorace said feedback from Vision Zero will influence the city’s budget and the strategic plan for the next decade.

To leave feedback on Vision Zero click here.

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