LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Solar power is expanding rapidly. The technology is more efficient and less expensive. Now, Lancaster wants to embrace it.

There is a growing push by cities across the country to reduce their carbon footprint. The city of Lancaster is no different.

“A hundred percent of the energy the city of Lancaster uses is from renewable, wind energy from other parts of the country,” Director of Public Works for Lancaster Stephen Campbell said.

Campbell states that the city is now exploring local solar energy as an alternative. It is all part of their climate action plan.

“Technology has changed so much. We have very effective and efficient systems and panels that operate on flat roofs, and can even operate on if it’s not directly facing the sun,” Campbell said.

Campbell also said 70% of the city’s emissions come from its water infrastructure. He says transitioning into local-solar energy could save the city money.

“What are the different ownership possibilities and different ways for it to be financed and is it actually can it be delivered more cost-effective,” Campbel said.

Campbell says it could be as simple as adding it to existing infrastructure.

“We’re exploring what are the possibilities including the rooftops of things like the police station, fire station, our wastewater station, etc,” Campbell said.