MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — An elderly man in Lancaster was charged with sexual abuse of children after a nurse’s aide in the nursing home he was residing in found hundreds of inappropriate pictures of children on his cell phone.

According to The Manheim Township Police Department, 74-year-old Kenneth Frazer Kuehne of Lancaster was a resident at Conestoga View Nursing Home located at 900 East King Street in Lancaster.

Police say that Kuehne, a resident of the nursing home, had befriended a visitor’s 14-year-old child. Kuehne allegedly invited the child into his room while the child was visiting the nursing home.

In December of 2022, hundreds of photographs of nude children were found on Kuehne’s cell phone by a nurse’s aide at the nursing home, police say.

According to police, the parents of the child who was visiting Kuehne learned that Kuehne had allegedly shown photographs to the child, one of them being a young boy who was completely nude.

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Another nurse’s aide that assisted Kuehne with his cell phone explained to police that “tons” of photographs of young boys kept appearing on the files on his phone, police say.

When police interviewed Kuehne, he admitted to having the pictures on his phone for what he referred to as his “personal use.”

Kuehne is being charged with two counts of Sexual Abuse of Children and two counts of Criminal Use of Comm Facility.