LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — A Lancaster man has been sentenced to 17.5 to 35 years in prison on Tuesday, April 25 after he was convicted back in Dec. 2022 for a shooting that occurred in 2021 on the 100 block of Hershey Ave. in the city.

According to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, 32-year-old Daijour L. Stennett was found guilty back in December for attempted criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and carrying a firearm without a license following a three-day trial.

“I find it difficult to explain which part of this crime I find the worst,” prosecuting Assistant District Attorney Christopher Miller said during the sentencing proceeding. “This is one of the worst attempted homicide cases I have seen in my career. To this day, [the defendant] believes what he did was right.”

During the sentencing, The district attorney’s office says that ADA Miller showed a video that was previously admitted into evidence during the trial. The video is from Stennett’s phone and shows the defendant driving past the victim’s home, cackling and taunting him out of the car window. The video then showed Stennett getting out of the car, shooting five times with four of the shots hitting the victim.

The video then showed Stennett pausing before firing a sixth shot at the victim. The district attorney’s office said that during the trial it was revealed that Stennett told police that he felt that the victim deserved it.

“A just sentence today is life in prison,” ADA Miller said. “The only reason the defendant won’t get that is because the victim refused to die.”

Due to the shooting, the victim suffered a fractured skull and spine, a broken shoulder blade, and bleeding in his chest due to the shooting, The district attorney’s office noted. Additionally, the victim testified that he continues to suffer lingering injuries such as weakness and arthritis, seizures, and PTSD.

Lancaster City Bureau of Police Detective Ryan Burgett filed charges and testified.