Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace will give her first State of the City address this month. She’ll recap what she’s done in her first year on the job.

“We have been able to continue the momentum from previous administrations into some continuity,” Sorace said.

Sorace officially took office on January 2, 2018, and ran for mayor on a campaign of building strong neighborhoods. 

She now has a director of neighborhood engagement and says areas around the city are seeing success.

“Neighborhoods that previously weren’t feeling as involved or connected to city government are starting to make those connections,” Sorace said.

The first year mayor also had to mend relationships after a video involving police and questionable use of force surfaced. Sorace said a use new use of force policy is now in place and police have started their body camera program.

“Who is responsible? I am,” Sorace said of the situation. “Ultimately, I am the head of this organization and as the mayor of the City of Lancaster, it is my responsibility to make sure the policies and procedures we have in place are appropriate.”

Moving forward, Sorace said she wants to ensure residents have the means to get good jobs.