LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Lancaster NAACP president Blanding Watson says he’s encouraged that locals have been voicing their frustrations following the death of George Floyd.

“Decades of structural and institutional racism continues to plague the African-American community in this country,” Watson said.

He says that protesters are out in the streets to voice that injustice.

“It’s bigger than George Floyd,” Watson said. “It’s bigger in the sense of housing issues, unemployment. There is a disproportionate number of African-Americans in the areas that are unemployed in this country.”

He also noted that while it may appear to be a young crowd in the streets demanding change, older individuals are also pining for reform. Watson, himself, has marched with protesters and says that the NAACP supports anyone asking for police reform.

“Aggressive reforms should must and should take place in this county and country,” he said.

Watson said the NAACP has met with Lancaster County police departments to work on mending relationships. Following the death of Floyd, Watson said he has advocated for police to ban chokeholds and post ‘use of force’ policies online.

“We also know that repeated studies have shown that people of color receive harsher punishments from law enforcement and we need to develop those changes so we can stop the decades of excessive force and police brutality,” he said.

Watson is advocating for those who are frustrated to vote. He says that long term change comes from officials who respond to community needs.

“I believe and think that we need to continue to work towards making changes and reforms because we’re still not there yet,” he said.

The Lancaster NAACP holds a series of town halls called #WeAreDoneDying on Thursdays. Watson said the town halls will address criminal justice, health and economics, and education.