(WHTM) — With average gas prices at or above $5 a gallon, the electric car business is booming and a Midstate business is cashing in, transforming classics into electrifying rides.

“People bring us their vehicle to basically convert them into 100% electricity,” said Brandon Hollinger, owner of AMP Revolt, an automotive conversion business. One of only a few shops like it on the east coast.

“We’re removing the engine, anything engine related, fuel tank, a lot of fluids, fuel, oil and all of that and replace it with a motor and a battery,” Hollinger said. He has been doing reverse engineering work for 13 years.

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Hollinger’s shop is focused on using salvaged car parts from wrecked cars.

“Not only is it green to recycle an old vehicle and bring it new life but also using parts that already existed, top-of-the-line Tesla parts,” Hollinger explained.

He says business is booming, especially with people who “need something that is not available yet like, it’s early but trucks and vans and jeeps they’re not really on the market yet.”

One van Hollinger’s shop converted was a van now covered in solar panels, which charges the actual battery it runs on. Hollinger says they hope to get the polluters off the road.

“That’s what we want so I don’t care if you go buy a brand new one or you get your car converted. the transition needs to happen, it needs to happen yesterday,” he said.

Hollinger says the good thing is that this technology is here to stay with more and more charging stations popping up all around the state.