MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) — Video from World War II is typically in black and white and also fuzzy, but Harold Billow remembers the Battle of the Bulge crystal clear.

“A German officer pulled up and opened the vehicle, and he shot one guy on the right side of me and then he shot one guy on the left side of me,” Billow recalled.

In December 1944, Billow was a 21-year-old private with Battery B, 285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion. His job to set up an observation post, but his unit was ambushed in what’s known at the Malmedy Massacre.

He is the last known survivor.

“When it started, I went flat down,” Billow recalled. “[I] stayed laying in the snow and it was [a] mighty cold December 17th.”

On the anniversary of the massacre, the Mount Joy resident has earned his own celebratory week by the mayor.

“It’s just so great to think all of this has happened to this old man,” Billow said.

This week, Billow was honored by Gov. Tom Wolf in addition to police in Lancaster County.

Billow, who turns 97 later this month, said the recognition is humbling and he’s glad people are paying attention to his story.

“I’ve made history for our name,” he said.