LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Sgt. Daniel McCaughan — or as his business partners call him, Brother Daniel — used to run a gelato business in New York City. Now, he sells duck eggs from Peach Bottom in Lancaster County.

While maintaining his gelato business, McCaughan worked with Pennsylvania Amish farmers who supplied the milk for his product. When COVID-19 hit the U.S. and restaurants closed, the gelato market disappeared.

No longer selling gelato, McCaughan stopped buying milk. Then he got a call from the farmer who used to supply his milk.

“He said, ‘Brother Daniel, I know you’re not buying our milk anymore, but can you find some other place to sell it?'” says McCaughan.

McCaughan started finding places to sell the milk, which led him to connect with Brother John, who was also interested in selling duck eggs. Together, they created Brother Daniel’s Free Range Amish Eggs.

“We sell out our duck eggs,” says McCaughan. “We sell out every week.”

Restaurants and “niche” egg suppliers like to purchase their duck eggs, says McCaughan. He says, “Restaurants like it because it’s innovative and it’s interesting.” They even ship eggs back up to New York.

Recently, McCaughan even had the opportunity to pitch Brother Daniel’s Free Range Amish Duck Eggs to Walmart as part of their Open Call competition. He is waiting to hear whether the company will be selling his eggs.

McCaughan says after spending time at the Peach Bottom farm, exchanging honking cars for quacking ducks, he may never go back to New York City.