It’s Neighborhood Week in Lancaster. The initiative is a way for residents to brainstorm ways to improve the city. 

Mayor Danene Sorace has held separate discussions for each quadrant of the city to find out what people like and what they don’t like.

“I’m just here to see what the new mayor has to say and hear what people have to say,” said Candace Roper, who lives in Lancaster.

Sorace has just passed the 100-day mark. She says strong neighborhoods, safe streets, secure incomes, and a sound government are her priorities.

“When it comes to our children, who are our future, I think it takes a village and it takes several agencies and organizations to come together,” said Boys and Girls Club director Christina Ortega. 

Sorace has held different discussions for each quadrant of the city, including the northwest section Thursday. Residents had the chance to ask questions about specific projects. 

“Charlotte Street is going through the two-way conversion,” said Matthew Johnson, who is Sorace’s chief of staff. “It’s part of the Complete Streets Plan.”

Barry Russell came to learn what he can do to help his community. 

“We can always improve and figure out ways that honor each other,” said Russell. 

Sorace says she’s talked about a variety of issues throughout the week, including workforce development, parking, bike lanes, and litter.

One of her priorities going forward is housing.

“There will be policy changes that will be coming with that,” said Sorace. 

Sorace wants to update a few ordinances, including those related to inspections and lead. She says that approval process may take a while, but that work has already started on individual streets. 

“We are working block by block to address housing issues,” said Sorace. “Our neighborhoods are so vital to the life of the city and I continue to just be amazed at the things people are doing, big and small, to really improve their neighborhoods.”
The special week ends Saturday at City Hall, where neighborhood leaders will talk about services available to residents. City officials will also discuss how to incorporate the feedback.