LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — It is the third busiest airport in the state, and you may not even know it exists.

Lancaster to Washington D.C. in less than an hour. It seems too good to be true, but it’s not! In fact, it happens every day at the Lancaster Airport.

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“When you don’t see the large cabin airplanes flying out of here, they don’t attribute it to an airline-type airport,” Chief Commerical Officer for Southern Airways Mark Cestari said.

The Lancaster Airport is the third busiest airport in the entire state. This is mostly due to the many privately owned aircraft. However, any traveler can catch a flight on commuter airline Southern Airways Express for just $50 to one of two major airports.

“We’re starting our 10th year and currently, we have flights to Pittsburgh International and to Washington-Dulles airport daily,” Executive Director of the Lancaster Airport Ed Foster said. “We have what they call interline partnerships with American, Hawaiian, Alaska, and United.”

The Lancaster Airport has the ability to connect the Midstate to the entire world, and traveling from Lancaster has its perks.

“The thing that’s key for United is that they have a hub in Washington-Dulles, so from there you can fly to over 100 cities either domestically or internationally,” Foster said. “It’s one ticket. It’s one reservation. It’s almost like private flying, the planes are small, and you go through TSA in two minutes here,” Foster added.

Once you get through TSA in Lancaster, you won’t have to do it again at a busier airport. It’s convenient air travel just 15 minutes north of Downtown Lancaster.

“Our door is always open we try to have the hometown feel so we encourage everyone to give it a try,” Cestari said.