LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Musser Park is where Harry Smith spends most afternoons.

“With the heat the way it has been, it has been nice to shut off the air conditioner off and come sit in the park,” Harry Smith, resident of Lancaster, said.

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It’s also where you’ll find one of two community compost bins in Lancaster, which, is part of an initiative by a group called Lancaster Composting Co-Ops.  Their goal is to provide an alternative to trashing organic food waste and cardboard.

Lately, it has been creating some buzz, both good and bad. Some of the neighbors have been loud in opposition, while others believe it is good for the community.

“I see people shredding up stuff and using it and it doesn’t stink and you wouldn’t think it’s a nice place to put it in a park but people use it and it keeps our parks clean,” Harry Smith added.

The bin in Musser Park was moved back in April mostly because it was too visible, according to Lancaster’s Director of Public Works Stephen Campbell.  Now it is under a tree and wedged between a playground and out of view. 

More than 60 residents currently participate in the program and many more have expressed interest. Membership is free and training is required on how to use the bin in order to get access to it.

“Most households generate about a thousands pounds of composting material a year and that normally goes into the solid waste bins,” Stephen Campbell, Lancaster’s director of public works, said.

A similar program in Washington DC served as a model for the Lancaster Plan. The long-term vision of the project is to make compost a reality for all residents.

“Being able to associate these as places where people can come, gather, chat a little bit, share a few pieces of information about what they are doing, what they are growing, how are they composting,” Stephen Campbell said. 

In fact, more locations for composting are in the works. For more information on how to be part of this movement, head on over to their website.