MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) — A brand new Amazon facility recently came online in Lancaster County.

The new, approximately 400,000-square-foot Amazon Delivery Station in Mount Joy first came online back in February 2022. According to Amazon Public Relations Specialist Sam Fisher, this new facility is going to create about 150 direct and indirect jobs.

One example of an indirect position would be Amazon’s delivery service partners, who are the employees that bring the Amazon packages to your doorstep in the iconic Amazon delivery van. Direct positions are employees who will be working on-site in the new facility.

According to Fisher, the new Delivery Station is just one of three types of Amazon buildings. To better understand the Delivery Station’s purpose, let’s explain the purpose of all three buildings:

  • Fulfilment Center: This is the very first stop for an amazon package – your package is stored here in addition to other inventory, before being sent out.
  • Sortation Center: This is the second stop for your amazon package – here Amazon uses logistics to determine the most efficient means of getting the package to the customer. They will pick from different modes of delivery and choose the most efficient one depending on your location.
  • Delivery Station: This is the last stop for your package before it gets to your doorstep. At a Delivery Station, they do not store inventory – once a truck load of packages arrives, workers unload the truck and then send the package(s) out for delivery right away.

The new Amazon Delivery Station is located at 1156 Four Star Drive, and the official grand opening of the facility will be held on Wednesday, April 5 at 9:30 a.m.

According to Fisher, this is the first Amazon operations facility to be opened in the United States this year.