LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — A store in Lancaster will pay a nearly $1,800 fine and another $700 in restitution for price gouging.

The Attorney General’s office cited Regional Discount Pharmacy after the shop allegedly sold N-95 masks for $8 which is more than 20% its average price.

Marking up prices that much during a state-of-emergency is illegal.

“We won’t tolerate illegal price gouging during this emergency, and we’re taking action every day to stop it—here in Lancaster and across Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians need security and financial protection right now, especially when so many have lost wages and 30 percent are out of work.” said Attorney General Shapiro. “You have a right in Pennsylvania to purchase life-saving goods at reasonable prices in times like these. If you see suspicious price increases on products like groceries and medicine, I encourage you to email and fill out a complaint form so we can put a stop to price gouging.”

Customers who purchased an N-95 mask from the shop may be eligible for restitution.

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