LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (NLCRPD) is investigating a shot that was reported to have been fired into a nursery located inside a home in Warwick Township.

According to the NLCRPD, on Feb. 17 police investigated a report of a shot fired into an occupied house located in the 100 block of Guilder Place in Warwick Township. A neighbor had heard a loud noise consistent with a gunshot.

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When the reporting party entered one of the bedrooms of the home that acted as a child’s nursery, they noticed there was debris on the floor. There was also dust and debris from a hole in the room’s drywall, police say.

According to police, a small child was asleep in a crib located in the nursery during the incident. While the child was removed from the crib, an area of new damage to the crib was observed, caused by the projectile that was fired into the nursery.

The child was not injured and there are currently no other injuries associated with the investigation, police say.

After the NLCRPD conducted forensic processing of the crime scene, interviewed witnesses, and a suspect, they interviewed a subject who lived nearby. The suspect admitted that he shot a squirrel during the same time frame, police say.

According to police, later the same day there was a dead squirrel discovered under a woodpile nearby the scene of the house that was struck by the projectile.

The NLCRPD is still investigating the situation and charges are pending against the shooter. More information will be provided as it becomes available.