Editor’s Note: The rally took place in Penn Square, not Musser Park.

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — In Penn Square, pro-choice activists gather ahead of the Supreme Court arguments related to a Mississippi abortion case being closely watched as the state’s 15-week ban and possibly abortion rights nationwide hang in the balance.

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The gathering and Wednesday’s rally are among the way both sides of the argument are making their voices heard. One side challenges what they call the erosion of abortion access in America.

“Whatever the court decides today, we are all going to have to pitch in to fight for healthcare. This can no longer be a spectator sport. Our community are at real risk here and in fact real specific risk not just nationally, but here in Pennsylvania,” Ismail Smith-Wade-El, Lancaster City Council president, said.

Those in attendance say a lot of people in those at-risk communities live here.

“The southern half of Lancaster city has exactly one private practice. The black and brown parts of this community live without easily and accessible healthcare,” Smith-Wade-El said.

Alexis Mendoza is fighting to make access to healthcare, in all its forms, easier not harder. Growing up as a child of immigrants, she saw firsthand how hard it can be.

“No language access. There was no papers that could that were in Spanish that could let my parents know hey do you have this illness, do you need help with this and that,” the Planned Parenthood Pa. advocate said.

And those on the other side of the fight are also mobilizing.

“The enormity of the abortion decision. It takes 2,400 lives every day in the United States and 85 every day here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director at the Pa. Pro-Life Federation said.

“There are many women who regret their abortions, many women who have been physically and emotionally wounded by the abortion decision and most of the time it’s not made between a woman and a doctor and most of the time out of fear,” Finnerty said.

But for now, these pro-choice activists are not staying silent.

“We’re not going to be quiet. We’re not going to be shut down, censored or gas lit. There will be noise and that will be the outcome,” Mendoza said.

Governor Tom Wolf released a statement about the Supreme Court case, as well.

“Today’s arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court demonstrate another attempt to dismantle individual freedoms across the country and defy all practical understanding of modern reproductive health care,” Gov. Wolf said in the statement.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro also released a statement following the arguments heard today.

“The Mississippi case before the United States Supreme Court could nullify the law of the land set by Roe v. Wade, and rob women of their constitutional right to control their own bodies,” Shapiro said. “The extremists behind these laws won’t stop with abortion.”

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