LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — On day 10 of protests in Lancaster, those fed up with police brutality and racism met with Sen. Bob Casey.

Amir Lynch, who organized the first protest in Lancaster last Saturday, was part of the meeting. “We are equal. We deserve to be treated as equals,” he said.

Lynch was one of almost 20 people who were able to take their concern regarding police brutality and systematic racism to Casey.

“For him to be here today it definitely is a step forward in our movement,” he said. “We’re happy he decided to come out and listen to us.”

The media was not invited to the meeting, but Lynch said he told Casey he believes race needs to be discussed earlier on in classrooms.

“By doing that it makes things less uncomfortable for people to talk about when they get older because it’s a topic they’re familiar with,” Lynch said. “If people start talking about race, they’ll realize everybody does have their small differences but at the end of the day we’re all the same.”

Casey told ABC27 he was moved by the pain the young activists told him they have endured. He also challenged his fellow lawmakers who look like him to listen to those who are upset.

“There is no way I can fully understand,” Casey implored. “I have lived a different life and I’ve had privileges, white privileges if you want to call it that, that I never had the barriers in my way or obstacles in my way to overcome and I think it’s important we understand that.”

Both Casey and Mayor Danene Sorace knelt with protestors in remembrance of George Floyd.

Lynch said Monday’s meeting gives him hope that something will change. “We’re grateful for that, but we’re also not stopping. This is just the beginning. We’re going full gas on the throttle and we’re going to keep moving.”

On Monday, Casey also met with leaders of the Lancaster NAACP and told protesters he plans to meet with them again in three months.