(WHTM) – Public transportation in some regional cooperation could help riders pay for bus rides more easily and help them pay less too.

In Lancaster, about 90% of Red Rose transit riders pay electronically like on the system’s app.

At rabbittransit in Dauphin, York, and Adams counties the figure is just 20%.

Rabbit is studying what’s working at Red Rose and planning to make improvements and move toward what’s called “Fare capping.”

Rich Farr, executive director of rabbittransit said, “So if every time you board the bus, you pay $1.70, when you get to that monthly rate for a monthly pass, the rest of your trips would be free automatically. So it’s buying a monthly pass as you go, so we really want to be able to offer that to the community.”

In other words, you wouldn’t have to try to guess at the beginning of the month whether you’ll ride enough for a monthly pass to be worth it. You’ll pay the lesser amount either way.