If you feel like snow days are piling up for schools, then you would agree with Vicki Bakes.

“I think we’re getting more this year than we did last year,” Bakes said.

With the potential of another snow day on Monday, local school districts are exhausting their make-up days.

A spokesperson for the School District of Lancaster confirmed their students will be going to school extra days in the summer because they have run out of make-up days before the scheduled end of the year.

“I have one day left,” Columbia Borough School District Superintendent Tom Strickler said. 

Stickler said in Pennsylvania, students must spend 990 hours in the classroom per year.

Stickler said his district goes by a 180-day calendar, which comes with four snow days built in.

“It’s made up by the superintendent and the administration the prior year,” Strickler said. “It’s approved by our school board in February so it’s not easy to change once the year starts.”

Stickler said superintendents seem to agree that if students want to go extra days in the summer, they should hope for snow before February. Strickler said after February, make-up days start to shrink.

“That’s why we put the snow make-up days as late as possible in the school year so that we’re not having the day and then having snow after the fact,” he said.