Plans are moving forward to build a greenhouse on a Lancaster parking garage.

Corey Fogarty, board president of the Lancaster Urban Farming Initiative, said the greenhouse could support 20 acres of fresh vegetables. 

“We’re perfect,” Fogarty said. “We’re already known all over the country for having some of the best soil in the world. Why not be a tech leader?”

The vertical greenhouse, with an estimated $17 million price tag, would be built on the Orange Street side of the Prince Street Garage.

The greenhouse would be the second of its kind in the country. The other is in Wyoming. Fogarty is working with Vertical Horizon, a Wyoming-based company, to build it.

The Lancaster Parking Authority still owns the land where the greenhouse would be built.

“It will be seven stories high,” said Larry Cohen, the authority’s executive director.

Cohen added that the greenhouse would be a good use of the space.

“I’m really thrilled that the vision of maybe something could go in unusable space has come to fruition,” he said.

Cohen said they still have to work on a lease, but he added that he doesn’t anticipate any problems.