LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh visited the Kellogg’s plant in Lancaster County, where hundreds of workers have been on strike here for almost 22 days now.

“We want to fight for what we fairly believe is ours because at the end of the day if it wasn’t for the workers there would be no Kellogg’s,” Kerry Williams, the local union president, said.

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These union employees, along with hundreds more at three other Kellogg’s plants across the country, want the cereal company to change a system that gives newer workers fewer benefits and lower pay.

That’s why Labor Secretary Marty Walsh was in Lancaster County today. He wanted to make one thing clear about why he was there.

“To support the workers that are here today, to let me know that they are not alone, that we hear them and we stand with them,” Walsh said.

Walsh spent time talking to workers and hearing their stories and said the change they’re hoping to make through this strike would affect decades to come.

“They are exercising their right to free speech and trying to get better working conditions not just for them but for their families and for the generation of people that are coming behind them,” Walsh said.

He understands the sacrifices being made to make this possible.

“When workers take the vote to strike, they take that very seriously because they understand that when they go on the street, they usually lose their rights for getting wages, money, and their healthcare,” Walsh added.

With strikes going on all across the country, the local union president has a message for everyone walking the line: “hold out as long as you can. one day longer, one day stronger.”