LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — With travel hectic across the nation, many passengers in the Midstate tried to avoid the airport chaos and opted to take all or part of the journey by train.

The Lancaster train station was busy with holiday crowds on Tuesday — some passengers buying tickets, others waiting for delayed trains. For many people, that was the quickest way to travel.

“I took a plane from Fort Meyers, Florida, yesterday night,” said Marge Gonzalez of Lancaster, who made the rest of the trip by train. “My plane was packed. There was not a seat free.”

What started as weather-related cancellations snowballed into a system-wide meltdown at many airlines.

Esther Edwards was headed back to New York after visiting family in Lancaster. Her train last week was not without its problems.

“The stop before Lancaster, the tracks were frozen, so the switches were frozen, so they had to wait for somebody to come to get rid of the ice,” Edwards said. Luckily it wasn’t a long wait, which wasn’t the case for thousands of travelers at airports across the country.

“I just wish there were more trains during the holidays, a little bit more often. That way I wouldn’t be waiting two hours for the next one,” Shannon Stanley of Lancaster said.

Amtrak said no Keystone Service or Pennsylvanian trains have been impacted at this time.

“No delays for us yet, so who knows when we get to New York City, but for now it’s pretty good,” visitor Kathy Sanders said.