LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – October is Women’s Small Business month across the country so we checked in on some businesses that have women leading the way.

Brittnie Jones brought her vision to Lancaster at Savoy Truffle on Harrisburg Pike.

Owning a business is a tall task for anyone, but women-owned businesses come with their own set of challenges.

“Some of the business relationships that form along the way I have run into some challenges,” said Jones. “When my husband comes to a meeting with me still that challenge of [directing it towards me because] it’s actually mine.”

Alison McIndoe has been the brains behind AK Interiors since 1996. She didn’t realize how important a brick and mortar shop would be.

“People had started to take me a little more seriously when I had my name hanging on a shingle versus working at home,” said McIndoe.

Like Jones, McIndoe also has faced issues as a woman in charge of a business, especially in a male-dominated field.

She’s also a general contractor dealing with renovations inside buildings.

“Construction is primarily a male dominated industry so trying to dip my toe in that industry has been a little more difficult,” said McIndoe.

Real estate agent Anne Lusk started her own company named Lusk and Associates Sotheby’s International Realty. She, too, faced issues.

“The thing that sometimes upset me is ‘well we need your husband’s permission’,” said Lusk.

Jones believes there’s something about women that gives them the slight edge.

“That extra emotion and drive and not to discount men in any sense,” said Jones. “I think it’s a special quality that we as women possess.”

McIndoe said her message to potential new women business owners would be to not be afraid and find a mentor to help out.