CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — abc27 sat down with the lead investigator on a case that landed a Franklin County constable in jail facing over 700 charges related to human trafficking.

Corporal James Iversen with the Chambersburg Police Department has led this investigation since it started more than two years ago.

“Just the magnitude of the whole investigation itself took us by storm to say the least,” Iversen said.

In July 2021, the Chambersburg Police Department received a referral from Franklin County Children and Youth Services.

“There would have been information regarding Mr. Heefner and having inappropriate interactions with females while being a pa state constable,” Iversen said.

That referral came to Iversen, at the time a criminal investigator. He started looking into Pennsylvania constable Timothy Heefner.

“We were lucky enough to have people coming forward and telling us about their interactions with Mr. Heefner and what actually took place,” he said.

Iversen said talking to victims is crucial, but it is also the biggest challenge.

“That’s definitely difficult when you’re looking at an investigation such as this when a person who’s in that position abused that right and abused that power,” Iversen said. Without those victims, he said, “Who knows we may have never been able to make the case that we did.”

Investigators eventually identified more than 50 women. Heefner is accused of soliciting them for sexual acts in exchange for money or drugs, having them recruit other women or providing transportation and money to buy illegal drugs in exchange for sex. Earlier in 2023, the case went to a grand jury.

“Just so that way we can get an outside perspective,” Iversen said.

Heefner is now facing more than 700 charges, including rape and dozens of counts of human trafficking and sexual extortion, but Iversen said the investigation is not over.

“We are looking for anybody who has either witnessed Mr. Heefner’s behavior, interactions or were victimized by Mr. Heefner,” he said.

Iversen said he is asking anyone with more information to contact police, and that could lead to more charges down the road.

Iversen also said other law enforcement agencies had some information about Heefner, including an earlier investigation in 2017. abc27 is still trying to find out exactly what came of these investigations, and if any of them are still in progress.