(WHTM) – At this art exhibit, you could see the joy on their faces, getting dressed up, professional photos, community interactions, and most importantly the smiles they had while discussing their art.

“This exhibit represents their joy and their wisdom and their vitality and how much energy they have to keep living like they’re still living their best life,” Marianne Lake, Vice President of Program, LeadingAGE PA.

LeadingAGE PA, an organization dedicated to making the lives of seniors easier, hosted its first-ever art exhibit, featuring more than 50 senior artists from across Pennsylvania.

“This whole exhibit, the pieces of art, are more like instruments of change and they’re going to break barriers, and the whole idea is to talk about ageism and that they have a voice and they’re vital and they’re enthusiastic and they bring so much to society.”

The exhibition recognized the more than 100 seniors who submitted works of art for consideration. The artists whose pieces were selected for display were in attendance to discuss their work.

“It was kind of a surprise that I could actually paint something and I picked up a brush and some oils and a little nudge in the right direction to encourage other people to take that step unknown kind of and who knows what God has given them,” Jack Herklotz, a Featured Senior Artist

For 83-year-old Jack, who just started painting. The exhibit reminds him that anyone can pick up something new and grow at any age.

“That’s very encouraging to know that such a thing exists. even if it would encourage this at this stage of life it’s a surprise. I’m sure for many people to enter this type of a living facility and to realize all of the dimensions of that you can be involved in and grow in, renew your mind and be stimulated.”

All of the entries will be featured in a coffee-table book. You can find a link to preorder the book at Ageless Art and Timeless Treasures Exhibition   | LeadingAge PA