CLEONA, Pa. (WHTM) — A Lebanon County ambulance company will hand out awards Friday, July 23, to some of its EMTs. They’re credited with essentially bringing three people back to life.

EMTs are in the business of saving lives, but it’s not often they can actually revive someone who’s clinically dead. Remarkably, that happened three times for the Central Medical Ambulance Service in Cleona.

Jeanne Eisenhauer was out for a walk on December 29 while her neighbor was at home watching her almost five-month-old baby boy.

“I had some pain a couple blocks away and I didn’t know what it was and I got home and laid down and collapsed and then that was pretty much all I remember,” Eisenhauer said.

Her neighbor did CPR as her husband was on the phone with 911.

EMT Kevin Gee, Chief of Central Medical Ambulance Service was on scene in three minutes and used an automated external defibrillator to save her life.

“A bystander was already doing CPR, doing compressions for us which is probably what actually made the difference. We got our AED on and I believe we shocked about 11 times,” Gee said.

Eisenhauer is healthy and doing well, cherishing time with almost one-year-old William.

“Not everybody gets this opportunity to have another chance at life so I’m very thankful that God allowed me to live,” Eisenhauer said.

She’s just one of three saves EMTs at Central Medical Ambulance Service made in the last year.

“That’s remarkable for a company our size, in an area our size,” owner Kathy Minnich said.

Minnich says her team doesn’t do the job for the recognition.

“These guys are so good. They could go anywhere, big companies, and work for a lot more money,” Minnich said. “And they’re that good they stay here because of patient care because that’s what it’s about.”

Gee wants everyone to learn how to do CPR and act right away if they see someone in trouble.

“It’s all about keeping the blood pressure up in the brain and keeping things circulating and any delay in compressions will really be detrimental later on down the road,” Gee said.

Kevin Gee, Kaitlin Kleinfelter, Collin Griffiths and Richard Fisher Jr. will be honored during a ceremony Friday at noon at the Central Medical Ambulance Service office.