(WHTM) — Most home fires happen during winter months, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The Lebanon City Fire Department is using a symbolic gesture to promote fire safety.

“The sooner you know, the sooner we know. The sooner you can get out, the sooner we can get there. Time is everything when there is a fire at home,” said Chief Duane Trautman, Lebanon City Fire Department.

This is the idea behind the “Keep the Wreath Red” campaign.

“The goal is every wreath is full of red lights and for every preventable fire we replace a red light with a white light,” Trautman said.  

The wreaths are placed in front of the city’s five fire stations and some local businesses. Trautman says cooking fires are one of his biggest concerns.  

“I often say they are angry, they spit and are hot and are difficult to deal with. Sometimes the way people deal with them is part of the problem. Just cover it. Find something, a blanket, a coat, junk mail, a lid, whatever you have,” Trautman added.

Electrical fires are not far behind.

“Don’t overload circuits. Don’t plug space heaters into power strips and extension cords. Plug them right into the wall,” Trautman said.

The fire department responded to two fires last week. Trautman says residents should always be ready.

“We all know the rules — smoke alarms, CO alarms. Make sure they are up to date and make sure they are working. Time is everything,” he said.