LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – Talks of North Lebanon Township and North Cornwall Township police joining forces are heating up.

It’s an idea that was pitched by North Cornwall and now the ball sits in North Lebanon’s court.

“It gives us a greater amount of coverage,” North Cornwall Township supervisor Mike Wahmann said. “It gives us faster response time. It gives us better safety for both communities.”

North Lebanon Township supervisor Edward Brensinger says he’s not totally against sharing services. He just needs more answers.

“I’m concerned about runaway costs and with the future and loss of control by our board,” Brensinger said.

Wahmann has always been a fan of regionalizing police departments.

“I started in law enforcement in 1970. I was an advocate of regionalizing police departments in 1970. In 2023, my opinion has not changed,” Wahmann said.

Gary Heisey is a North Lebanon Township supervisor in favor of the proposal. He says in a phone call that it’s vital for the public to voice its opinion and his fellow supervisor in Brensinger agrees.

“The residents of this township are the ones that pay taxes to build this force to what it is and all the facilities and equipment they have,” Brensinger said.