PALMYRA, Pa. (WHTM) — A new food and coffee café named ‘The Caffeination Station’ is opening its doors to the surrounding Lebanon County community in December 2022.

The owners of The Caffeination Station, Amber Higgins & Darian Blauch, came together 18 months ago, and have been working together running their food truck business ever since. Together they began providing several mobile services out of a self designed and renovated short bus that they had purchased.

The two call their food truck business ‘The Chubby Unicorn’, though according to the two, it was Blauch that came up with the name.

“I had a t-shirt that said [the chubby unicorn] and I needed a name for a food truck, and it made me laugh so-,” said Blauch. “Its all about having fun and enjoying life, so that’s why we named it that.”

The services provided from their food truck consist of:

  • Coffee
  • Specialty drinks
  • Food & food catering

As time progressed, and demand became greater, it became clear that the two would need a permanent, larger space of their own that would be capable of housing a larger kitchen. The mobile-short bus, which doubled as a kitchen and coffee bar, just wasn’t big enough anymore.

The two recently began leasing a 1,600 square foot space located on 707 E Broad St, Palmyra, PA – originally known as the Palmyra Real Food Emporium, which closed its doors back in May 2021.

With the proximity of the newly obtained establishment residing just two blocks behind the railroad tracks, it seemed very fitting for the pair to create a train themed café.

The Caffeination Station was born.

Originally, Blauch owned his owned landscaping company called Eagle Landscaping, but later decided to follow-up on his passion for cooking and food service.

Higgins, on the other hand, has a deep love for coffee – a passion that began brewing back when she attended college in Philadelphia, Pa. She used her job as a barista to pay her way through school and now has 21 years experience as a barista.

“[Owning a coffee shop] has always been, in the back of my head, the thing that I should do.” said Higgins. “Once Darian and I partnered up, it got to be a thing.”