HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — After six weeks of inaction, the Pennsylvania State House is getting back to work in Harrisburg tomorrow, Feb. 21.

The state house scheduled a special session, but what does that mean?

The special session will focus on legal remedies for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, something that has become a priority for Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi.

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The three new Democratic state representatives from Allegheny County, who won the special elections held two weeks ago, are expected to be sworn in during the special session as well, which will cement the narrow 102 to 101 majority for Democrats.

Rozzi’s future as Speaker of the House is uncertain. Will he introduce operating procedures, what he calls “Rozzi Rules,” that he says he has been working on?

The house has four days scheduled for the special session this week.

Lawmakers will then return next week when they will start introducing legislation and doing business as usual.

Democrats call it a new day. Republicans are critical that it’s taken this long.

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“We’re going to talk about workforce development, uplifting communities, education, healthcare reform, all of these issues that we have not been able to address in over a decade. We’re ready to move forward and it’s a positive message that’s going to uplift our communities,” said Jared Soloman (D-Philadelphia).

“The speaker claims he’s trying to break gridlock here in Harrisburg. Unfortunately, I think he’s the creation of it,” said House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler.

The state house should prepare for a serious change, as Republicans controlled the state house for 24 of the last 28 years, including the last 12 years in a row.