MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) — Family gatherings and Christmas parties are underway, but what if people are not on the same page when it comes to masks and vaccinations? That’s an added stress and it wasn’t hard to get people to talk about it for a new “let’s talk” segment.

Gus’ Keystone Restaurant in Mount Joy is the place to be for lunch in upper Lancaster County. There was no shortage of stories.

“But friendships, it’s unfortunate but people don’t see eye to eye all the time,” Chad Kennedy of Marietta said. He doesn’t trust the COVID vaccines, and doubts masks work. Friends have shunned him for that. “Just more or less people pushing you away because they know how you think, they’re just distancing. No more meet-ups, nothing like that.”

“That fatigue is unbelievable. The steroids, you can hardly believe,” Robin Reno of Elizabethtown said. She is on steroids and chemotherapy for a rare blood disease. Multiple people in her life are not vaccinated. Her reaction: “It’s visceral! Because I’ve fought for my life. I’m still fighting for my life.”

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“Have you ever said to anyone in your life, in your circles, or has anyone said to you I can’t see you anymore because of this?” I asked. “Absolutely,” Reno said. “It’s an inconvenience. Simply an inconvenience, and what it’s going to do is protect other people. Put that mask on, it’s not going to hurt you!”

Dottie Dickel lives in a retirement community that requires its employees to be vaccinated. She misses the ones who are quitting over that. “Ooooh yes. They’re not just workers, they’re friends. I’ll notice it every day that they’re not there. I will. I can’t even stand to think to say goodbye to them,” Dickel said.

“They’re just trying to keep you safe. What do you say to that?” I asked. “See, I got my vaccines. That should be protecting me. I don’t feel threatened by people who haven’t had the vaccine. That doesn’t bother me,” Dickel said.

Despite the discord, there is hope.

“Everything works itself out. That’s how it is here in the United States. Things come and go. Things get real popular then they fade out. COVID will eventually fade out. It’s how it is here in the United States. It’ll go away and then we’ll all be back together. Just gotta give it time,” Kennedy said.