HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — TSA agents at airports see a cacophony of items day in and day out during their time at the security checkpoints. Agents see thousands of items daily at Harrisburg International Airport.

But, there have been some items that have been discovered, and ultimately confiscated, that have been found over the past few days at the airport.

Courtesy of Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson

These two logs about 18 inches each long were found during the screening process. These items are considered blunt instruments and cannot be taken inside a carry-on bag.

Courtesy of Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson

TSA officers removed this pellet gun from a carry-on bag recently from HIA, the gun was found with plenty of pellet ammunition. Guns of any kind are prohibited from the cabin of an airplane.

Courtesy of Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson

The most colorful item in the group of items that were found was this light-up saber toy. Not even toy swords or lightsabers are permitted through security checkpoints at airports.

A full list of items that cannot be taken through TSA checkpoints can be found here.

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