HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Bakery has been busy for the past two days as National Fastnacht day approaches.

The Midstate bakery shop will be making Fastnachts daily until the end of the day on Feb. 21, which marks National Fastnacht day.

Fastnachts are a classic Pennsylvania Dutch baked treat, and the head baker at the Pennsylvania Bakery said the shop has made 6,000 plain, cinnamon sugar, glazed, powdered, and even filled versions.

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Traditionally, Fastnachts were a way to empty the kitchen cupboards of flour, sugar, butter, and other indulgences that some Christians give up for Lent.

Fastnachts usually take about two hours to make.

“It’s a big central Pa. tradition for sure, and it’s cool to see every year it just seems like a little bit more. More and more people getting into it. We will ship them out of state to people from Florida, things like that coming in, it’s a fun time of year,” said Desdon Rohrer, head baker at the Pennsylvania Bakery.

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If you are craving a Fastnacht, a once-a-year dessert, make sure you stop by the Pennsylvania Bakery before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 21.