DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Eight Dauphin County high schoolers chose to spend a small part of their summer, restoring a piece of Halifax history.

“Yeah, I could be at home you know playing my video game or hanging out with friends but I thought it’d be a good idea to help the community and kind of, you know, learn knowledge that I didn’t really know,” said Nicholas Rodriguez-Underwood, a junior at Dauphin County Technical School.

Students from Dauphin County Technical School are restoring Fort Halifax Park as part of a community service program.

“The buildings that are here on the site at Fort Halifax are all historic buildings. They were built in the 1800s and we’re doing some work on them to help keep them viable for the next 100 years,” said Robert Brightbill, instructor for the program at Dauphin County Technical School.

They set up tents and spent the last five days rebuilding floors, repainting barns, building doors and installing gutters, which is not how most high schoolers spend their summers.

“When summer rolls around the kids miss being in school sometimes and they’re all busy with their lives. In the summertime, you know, working and doing all the other things that kids do during the summer. But they really jumped at the idea of coming in and spending a week almost like a week of vacation for them camping out while still doing the work that we do,” said Brightbill.

It’s all part of the building construction technology program at the school which Brightbill feels will help them grow.

“You know when we practice, we do a lot of stuff in the community. But the stuff that we do in the community is always varied, you know, and so this is another type of experience that every student gets to work on. These buildings that are almost 150 or more years old is an experience that they don’t get to have,” said Brightbill.