(WHTM) — State House Democrats are coming together to pass a new LGBTQ anti-discrimination bill.

Pennsylvania is the only state in the northeast United States without statewide anti-discrimination protection laws.

Representative Smith-Wade-El of Lancaster says it’s time to change that. He and five other Democrats are the main sponsors of this bill.

The group of Democrats says the bill would protect members of the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination in terms of housing, education, and transportation.

“I want kids to be able to grow up in a Commonwealth that values them. That doesn’t discriminate against them, and is dedicated to guaranteeing them a beautiful childhood however they identify, whoever they love. You can throw everything else out if we can’t do that for our children, and that’s what it means to me,” Smith-Wade-El said.

“It just means that all of us who are Pennsylvanians can sleep a little easier and know that their world is safer. I don’t think protecting human rights and dignity shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” said Daye Pope, director of civic engagement at TAKE.

Smith-Wade-El says he’s talking with House Republicans, hoping to get them on board. Smith-Wade-El expects the bill to pass and, ultimately, for Governor Josh Shapiro to sign it.