HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Trying to end gun violence — that’s the commitment from faith leaders in Harrisburg. But with the problem only seeming to get worse, what are they trying now? The short answer: anything and everything they can think of.

“This is intolerable,” Amy Welin, Dean of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral, said. “An element in the death of our children.”

“Especially when the gun shooting goes indiscriminately, anybody can be harmed,” Eric Jackson, chair of Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence in Harrisburg, said.

Gun violence is an issue faith leaders said until it is solved, they can’t rest, especially when it impacts young people.

“For God’s sake, change it,” Welin said. Welin joined other leaders in Harrisburg Wednesday to make this commitment. “We can work together for justice in our cities,” she said.

Leaders said there is no easy solution, and progress can be slow, but everyone needs to get involved.

“It doesn’t matter the race, creed, or color for me,” Jackson said. “Even businesses being involved, so be willing to invest. Let students come to shadow the businesses.”

Welin says another part of the solution is voting. “We need to vote as though human life has extraordinary value, which we say it does,” she said.

She said it is also important to look at the root of violence. “Why are our children so afraid that they carry guns to school? Why are our children harming themselves because their mental health is so fragile?” she asked.

Welin is hopeful change is possible, but she is not optimistic.

“I’m hopeful because I think that the will of the people will eventually win and I’m not optimistic that it will be rapid,” she said. She said her faith is what keeps her and her peers going.

“This will happen until I take my last breath, in terms of giving,” Jackson.

“We really do believe that the will of God is for life and for love and God always wins,” Welin said.

Faith leaders said they will also continue to push state legislators to pass gun safety laws. They are planning a lobbying day next spring, bringing together faith groups from across the commonwealth.