LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Hurricane Fiona left her mark on Puerto Rico. In many parts of the island, the cleanup is well underway but it will likely be slow and difficult.

At Jibarito restaurant in Lancaster, all eyes are on the island. Melissa Hernandez owns this popular Puerto Rican restaurant in the city and has family back home. She says the situation is bad and could be for days.

“A lot of it was unexpected. They’ve been through Hurricane Maria and now with this storm being so slow it was just devastating for them,” said Melissa Hernandez, owner of Jibarito Restaurant in Lancaster.

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After knocking out the power grid, the hurricane dumped heavy rain, leading to widespread flooding.

“I’m worried about my grandpa and grandma. The house is basically under water so everything is just floating around,” said Joshua Perez, of Lancaster.

Well over 30-thousand Puerto Ricans live in Lancaster County. The last hurricane forced a mass exodus, with dozens of families relocating and settling in the Midstate.

“Many people came to Pennsylvania or to the states after Maria and so now it might be the same thing now,” Hernandez said.

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Hernandez says while this isn’t the first time Puerto Ricans face adversity, they always bounce back stronger.

“This is a really bad thing but we all come together and we are all united and help and rebuild Puerto Rico, “ she added.