YORK COUNTY Pa., (WHTM) — U.S. Postal Service delays have many voters from all over concerned about if their vote will make it before the election day deadline.

Midstate leaders say there are still ways to let your voice be heard even if you already requested a mail-in ballot.

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The Acting Secretary of State has encouraged those who are planning to vote by mail to hand-deliver their ballots.

They can do so at their County Election Office, dropbox, or a different location.

Midstate leaders say it’s best to make an effort now rather than later.

“I would act as soon as you get your mail-in ballot because we do want to ensure every voter has an opportunity to cast their ballot,” York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler said.

For voters that have not requested their mail-in ballots yet, Midstate county leaders say it is getting down to the wire before the deadline arrives and postal delays across the area are making it tough for voters too.

“At the end of the day, we can’t control the Postal Service and right now the way that the guidance has been set up is we must receive their ballot by 8 p.m. on election day or it will not be counted,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler says for those who have requested a mail-in ballot, but it has not arrived yet, you can still go to a voting location and vote under a provisional ballot.

“Our suggestion would be that they actually hand deliver and return their ballot back to the election office that way it will ensure that the ballot and their vote gets counted,” Wheeler said.

So far in York County, over 30,000 people have processed and requested mail-in ballots or absentees. Wheeler says half of those have come back to the county office.

“Worst case, if you get your ballot and you’re concerned it will not arrive back in the mail by election day then we will encourage you to take your entire packet, go to your voting poll, and sequester that and you vote in person,” Wheeler said.

Also, it is very important for mail-in ballot voters to sign and date their envelopes.

To make sure mail-in ballot voters get a chance to stay ahead of postal delays. Saturday York County leaders will host a drive-up and drop-off ballot event from 10 am till 2 pm located at 28 E Market Street.