GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Have you heard of Enola Holmes? She’s Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister and a smash hit on Netflix. And the woman who created her is from right here in the Midstate!

Enola is a young adventurer and a new role model for girls, as Nancy Drew was for generations past. The Netflix movie, “Enola Holmes” is based on the book series, “Enola Holmes, The Case of the Missing Marquess” written by Nancy Springer who grew up in Gettysburg and lived in Pennsylvania for 46 years. Springer now lives in Florida.

“Oh, I was very fortunate that my parents moved me to Gettysburg when I was 13 because the schools there were wonderful,” Springer said.

She went on to major in English Literature at Gettysburg College and has been a professional writer ever since. It wasn’t until later in her career that she’s gone Hollywood. The film stars Millie Bobbie Brown and Helena Bonham Carter.

“Paige Brown, who is Millie Bobbie Brown’s older sister, read my Enola Holmes books, and recommended them to Millie Bobbie Brown,” Springer said.

Not only did Millie love the books, she’s the star and producer of the movie. Nancy grew to love her after consulting on the screenplay.

“I got to visit the set in London last summer for just a few days. It was a thrill. I got to meet Millie Bobbie Brown of course and gave her a big hug.”

While the Netflix original was a Top Ten film on the streaming service, it was originally meant to debut in theaters. “There would have been a premier, this was originally intended to be a feature film, Millie Bobbie Brown’s first feature film. Then COVID hit,” Springer explained.

Springer has written 55 books, and six of them are Enola Holmes’ stories. Spring said she does a tremendous amount of research for each one. The name Enola is Victorian and with Enola, Cumberland County in her hometown area, the name of the star of her books was set.

“Once I decided on Sherlock Holmes’s kid-sister, I knew immediately that her name was Enola. I just knew,” Springer said.

By the way, Springer also says this movie is not the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She says the birth of her children…and having a horse are even better! But, she says there will be more “Enola Holmes” books in the future.

As so often happens with blockbuster success, Springer is getting sued, as well. The estate of the “Sherlock” Holmes author is suing Springer, Netflix, and Springer’s publisher Penguin-Random House for Copywrite infringement.