(WHTM) – Orchards across the Midstate are cleaning up from Thursday’s storms and bracing for another round Friday night.

“It was a crazy storm,”, co-owner of Knouse Fruitland’s Inc. Kyle Knouse said. “It’s something I’ve never seen before.”

Knouse said his orchard, mainly its apple trees, suffered damage from pea-size hail and strong winds.

“It’s frustrating,” Knouse said. “This was eight months’ worth of work that in five minutes changed the outcome of where the apples will go.”

According to Knouse, there’s nothing wrong with the apples, but they may not look appetizing to the customer, which is why they will likely be made into juice.

“Trying to sell to a grocery store or wider market, people don’t want that, they want that perfect-looking apple,” Knouse said.

Strites’ Orchard in Dauphin County is also cleaning up from storm damage. While its apple trees were spared, its peach trees were not.

“And unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do with the peaches,” co-owner Matt Strite said. “They’ll just become fertilizer.”

More storms are expected Friday night.