MECHANICSBURG, Pa (WHTM) — From inside her own home, Angie Woodburn is helping people in a disaster zone. She’s organizing a donation drive and collecting dozens of items to send directly to victims of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers.

“I’ve been in contact with some of the local business owners and a lot of them don’t have businesses left, but they still have that little piece of property, so [donations are] getting right into the hands of the people who need them,” Woodburn, who grew in Fort Myers, said.

Woodburn said things like toilet paper, first aid kits, portable chargers, and baby formula are some of the most needed items.

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A drop-off location for donations can be found at Ark Fitness, which is located at 220 N. York St. in Mechanicsburg, PA. Woodburn also set up a donation site which can be found here.

For Woodburn, helping the victims of Ian is personal.

“[Growing up], we went through [Hurricane’s] Wilma, Charlie, and Urma, and we got a lot of damage but nothing of this magnitude. Devastation doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Woodburn told ABC27 News that she has multiple friends and family, like her Uncle, who live in Florida and were impacted by Hurricane Ian.

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“My uncle, he had a house on the island and had water up to his ceiling,” Woodburn said. “The structure is still standing but the inside is gutted. There’s nothing salvageable.”

She said that’s partly what inspired her to organize a donation drop-off site.

“That’s my home,” Woodburn said. “I live up here now but I had my children down there, they went to school down there. Aside from my kids, everybody I love and care about is down there.”