Millersville university and Lampire biological labs are partnering for a life science incubator on Millersville’s campus.

“We find experience is the key to success,” said Gregory F Krug, who is the president of Lampire biological laboratories.

Lampire has already started working in the newly renovated lab on campus, which comes with an internship program available to biology, chemistry, and biochemistry majors. Two students have been chosen so far–but more *will follow.

“It’s a true partnership, we all benefit, it’s a great way to grow Lampire and we have been involved for 45 years in the life sciences,” said Krug.

Students aren’t the only winners—Millersville’s science faculty will also get to work with Lampire scientists on education programming…including guest lectures, site visits, and workforce opportunities.

“This is going to be great for students because it’s going to provide students with the opportunity to work on industry projects with a Lampire scientist, and have direct paths into great internship opportunities as well as lanes of employment,” Marc Harris, dean of the college of science and technology.

The internship runs from the spring through the summer- applications for the next round will open in the fall.