MILLERSVILLE, Pa. – Millersville University is changing to a flat-rate tuition model starting in the Fall 2024 semester. It’ll give students the flexibility to take up to 18 credits at no extra cost.

“I think with being able to add extra credits and saving money, that can help me graduate faster,” said Jayant Bullett, a freshman at Millersville.

Flat tuition has been implemented into most state schools across the Commonwealth.

“Flat tuition means that students who are full-time, meaning that they are taking a minimum of 12 credits, will pay the same rate whether they are 12 credits or 18 credits,” said Douglas Zander, the associate vice president for enrollment management at the school.

It gives students the choice to bulk up their schedules without having to pay per credit, which often puts students in a pinch when they rely on loans.

“I had to watch,” said Kaya Wagner, a freshman. “I was like I can only take so many credits because I can only pull so much from loans.”

Josh Marzak graduated from Millersville last year and is now a camps minister. It took him five years to graduate. He wishes he’d been able to take advantage of flat tuition.

“I remember how expensive college was especially for me,” said Marzak. “I was a relatively low income family with me and my mom. I paid my way through freshman year and that was tough because I was taking 15-16 credits.”

The University hopes this will boost Millersville’s enrollment by easing some of the economic pressure.

“This move is something that really should help students get through in a timely way and it will be less expensive for them,” said Zander.

Plus, with a heavily inflated economy, parents can feel some relief, too.

“That’s going to help out my mom because she is paying for most of this and we probably have to look for a lot less scholarships,” said Bullett.